California – Stem Cell Research

by Malc on August 18, 2009

stem-cells-w200-h200Continuing on from the last post praising California for voting through $3bn of research money for [tag-tec]stem cells[/tag-tec], the progress in stem cell research has been stunning.

The first embryonic stem cells were extracted from human embryos only ten years ago. Already, Geron, a pioneer in stem cell work, has developed its research fast enough to be embarking on a trial of its latest treatment; treating patients with recently damaged spinal cords with stem cells. To carry out the development and get the approvals needed this progress is truly spectacular.

Just behind this trial is another in London for a stem cell treatment for macular degeneration – which currently leads to blindness. Approval for the trial is expected in two years.

Widespread commerial application of stem cell research will take, realistically, 20 years says a pioneer in the field. That is still very quick in terms of medical research.

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