A Computerized Brain Will Happen

by Malc on August 28, 2009

supercomputer-w200-h200Scientists in Switzerland have said they expect to have built a fully-functioning replica of a human brain by 2020.

This may be an optimistic timeframe but one thing is certain – it will happen.

In fact, there are several teams in the world aiming to model the brain with super-fast computers.The computer they are using is capable of copying the actions of the 100 billion neurons in the human brain.

Many scientists believe that once the brain is built, consciousness will follow. Emotions will be a natural by-product of the millions of chemical impulses flitting between the artificial ‘synapses’ of the modelled brain.

This is the exact situation that Ray Kurzweil talks about in his book The Singularity is Near. In the book he predicts the continuing accelerating progress of both technology and science will mean a copy of the human brain is just a matter of time. And a short period of time at that.

This will raise moral issues: it the brain alive? Does it have rights? An our experiments torture? How do we define life?

There will be tough questions which the human race will deal with as it always has with changing circumstances. As best it can. And we have got through so far.

Question: Does having a computer equivalent to a human barin worry you? Or do you think we will cope OK one way or another? Post a comment.

  • Darrenbwow

    Is there any development on transferring a human brain to a cybernetic one? This could help with paralysis or other disabilities. I know we are making advancements toward a realistic robot. Could this brain and that robot be join to create a “fix” for these disabilities?

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