Aims Of Treatment For Longevity

by Malc on June 29, 2008

I now have to decide on my initial treatment for longevity, based on my blood test results.

I have taken Life Extension Foundation‘s Life Extension Mix (a very special multi-mineral/vitamin mix) for around 6 months. I did this on purpose prior to taking the blood tests. This may well have boosted levels of certain blood components up to their current good levels.

Eg, chromium, zinc and selenium are often found to be deficient; my chromium and zinc were fine; the selenium I don’t know because that was the one test which did not come out for technical reasons.

My 3 aims for treatment now are:

A reduction in fasting glucose levels. (Because of the generally damaging effects on the body of any more than a low level of blood glucose)

A reduction in total cholesterol. Mine is 235mg/dL (6mmol/L), and the target is around 180mg/dL (4.6mmol/L).

A reduction in C-reactive protein (CRP). Mine is good at .82mg/L; ideal is less than 0.5mg/L. CRP is a strong indicator of low-grade inflammation in the body which promotes heart and artery disease, cancers and arthritis.

Next – my programme to achieve these aims.

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