All Fruit Juices Can Interfere With Drugs

by Malc on August 23, 2008

orange&juice Researchers in Canada found that orange juice taken alongside a drug for hayfever – fexofenadine – reduced its absorption by half.  It is likely that there would be similar effects on many other drugs.

The researchers suggested that the spike in blood sugar was the mechanism which caused the reduction in drug absorption. In this case, other fruit juices will have a similar effect. (The previously identified interference of grapefruit juice with some drugs involves a different mechanism.)

The researchers advised drinking fruit juices 4 hours away from any drugs being taken.

Fruit Juice And Diabetes

The blood sugar spike caused by drinking fruit juice is also responsible

for the increased risk of diabetes they cause. Sugar is already pouring into the blood stream for most people. This comes from digested starches (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta) as well as from direct sugar sources – eg soft drinks. With extra sugar on top of this from fruit juices, the current dramatic rise in diabetes not surprising.

I advise:

  • Avoiding drugs as much as possible, in general, and trying to use natural methods such as nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes
  • Avoiding fruit juice – which increases the risk for diabetes. Whole fruit in moderation is fine – because the fibre reduces the spike.

If you take these two actions, then the finding from this study need not be a concern.

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