Alzheimer’s Drugs Fail

by Malc on August 10, 2008

brain Drug companies researching Alzheimer’s Disease have focused on two of the probably causes involving the presence of the two proteins beta-amyloid and tau. 

It is thought that beta-amyloid may well be the starting point of Alzheimer’s. Two drugs aimed at this protein have, after considerable research, been dumped. another drug being developed by a Scottish company targets tau. Tau is a key protein in the formation of the tiny tubules which transport substances around the nerve cell.

The True Causes of Alzheimer’s

To treat Alzheimer’s disease effectively it would be best to focus on the general causes of the disease. The "four ‘-ations’"  are all involved in Alzheimer’s disease; methylation, oxidation, glycation and inflammation.

If these "four ‘-ations’" are dealt with then Alzheimer’s disease will be much less likely. Then the drugs will not be necessary.

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