Atherosclerosis is an Immune Disease

by Malc on April 10, 2012

Atherosclerosis (journal)

This report advances the view that atherosclerosis has a significant auto-immune component (the body is “attacking itself”) in the same way as AIDS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes type 1 – youth type, etc do.

This is very different from the current view – discredited in my view, that:

* Atherosclerosis is mainly due simply to raised LDL cholesterol

* Statins are needed to lower it

* It needs to be at a level of 5.2

This is just too simplistic. As well as making tons of money for drug companies (by co-incidence!)

The report says that the immune system is stimulated to attack **oxidised** LDL (how does it get oxidised? Not sure – watch this space).

I have heard this theory of the problem of oxidized LDL being the problematic cholesterol before. Of course, doctors don’t know about this refinement of the theory, generally, let alone how to measure or treat it.

This fits in with other strong views (e.g. Dr Malcolm Kendrick, Uffe Ravnskov), that (asymptomatic) inflammation and stress are the two factors most closely associated with atherosclerosis – rather than simply looking at the raw level of total LDL.

Inflammation and stress will certainly be closely associated with auto-immune disease in general, I am sure. So it’s all tying in with that theory and against the use of statins, which is near to a crime in my view in the majority of cases. (Though no doubt a sensible choice in a tiny minority of cases.)

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