Back – After A Break In Denver, Colorado

by Malc on July 31, 2009

_MG_0165-w200-h200Hi there. I have not been blogging during July; but I have not been lazy!

As I mentioned previously, I went to [tag-tec]Denver, Colorado[/tag-tec] to visit Dr Terry Grossman at his [tag-tec]anti-aging[/tag-tec] Frontier Clinic.

Since my return on July 20th I got over jet lag, and have been planning lots of article writing.

As well as planning many articles for Living To 150, I have also been working on my HerbalMalc blog, which is bit more “mainstream alternative medicine” and a bit less “longevity” and is aimed at customers of my UK herbal company.

Now I Am Back

Now I’m back on the case of Living To 150 , and raring to go.

I learned a ton of information from Terry Grossman and his colleagues, and had many questions answered. I picked up some really great ideas which I look forward to sharing – on nutrition, health tests, exercise and more.

CIMG3202-w200-h200If you are interested in the two week holiday trip which I took when in Denver seeing Terry G, check out my Colorado website. The trip was probably the best I have ever had! Fantastic scenery, stunning National Parks, exciting activities – white water rafter, zip wiring – and wonderful road-trips.

I have a thousand pictures, and will be adding more of them to the site when I have a few moments.

So, back to anti-aging; please look out for my next post soon.

Question: Do you think you would ever go all the way to Denver if you knew you would get information to make you healthier?

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