Bad Teeth

by Malc on November 5, 2009

teeth-crown-w200-h200Following on from my previous post on reviewing my dental arrangements, I was shocked by my Harley Street checkup.

The dentist I saw showed my pictures of all of my [tag-tec]teeth[/tag-tec] on a TV screen as I lay in the chair. Still photos were taken which showed me great detail of my teeth. The image which sticks in my mind is of a large white filling which has brown patches all around the edges.

This, the dentist tells me, is decay. What! How can I have decay all around this filling and this has never been mentioned to me? Perhaps my current dentist has  not mentioned it to save me money. If this is so, I don’t appreciate it: I want to be involved in the decisions about my own health.

Another factor is the number of large fillings I have. I think this is because of the dental practices when I was a child, which was to ‘drill and fill’ at every opportunity. I find out from my Harley Street dentist that large fillings weaken the remaining ‘cusps’ of the tooth. The pressure of eating then forces them outwards, eventually cracking them off. This is more likely to happen with the white fillings I now prefer as they ‘glue’ the tooth together less effectively than mercury fillings.

Because of these large fillings, I have a number of teeth which will last longer if they are crowned. I did not realise that crowning teeth could be preventive in this way – the teeth will last longer.

The good news for me is: I thought crowning teeth invariably meant root canal work. I am pleased to learn that is not the case. That’s only necessasry with more severely damaged teeth.

I now wait for the proposed treatment plan.

  • oklahomacity_dentistry

    Sometimes we think that everything is just fine when we don’t see anything yet, but as we check on it we will find out that there’s something wrong beneath. I hope dentists will be more transparent ans concern to their patients and don’t wait to make things worst before warning them…

  • Ed Mcgoldrick

    So how did the session go? It’s a good thing your current dentist acknowledged this problem as soon as he saw it. Delayed treatment on stuff like these can result in more dental infections.

  • jennifer

    love it!

  • George Quirk

    Hey, thanks for the info about the root canal. Yeah, your dentist should really talk to you about what exactly is going on with your teeth ‘coz you’ll be the one to decide whether to proceed with the necessary treatments or not. Good luck with your teeth!

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