Berries can help your Memory

by Malc on June 27, 2012

English: Alaska wild berries from the Innoko N...

As we get older our brains are subject to increasing damage from oxidation and inflammation, which results in a decline in our cognitive abilities.

Research done in the US suggests that eating berries could be a strong weapon in the fight against memory decline, particularly in older women.

The study, published by the Annals of Neurology, reported that a high intake of strawberries and blueberries seemed to delay cognitive impairment by as much as two and half years, when compared with those eating lower amounts.

It is the flavanoids and anthocyanins that are in these berries which have the benefits to help reduce memory decline.

The conclusion was that eating two or more servings a week could be sufficient to reduce memory loss brought about by ageing.

This seems to be an easy addition to our diets, which I’m sure most people would be happy about, especially when the benefits shouldn’t be ignored.

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