Blood Pressure Down

by Malc on September 25, 2008

BP MonitorMy blood pressure is down. Not that it has ever been worryingly high; on the rare occasions I have taken it, it’s been around 125/85. That is pretty good.

A friend has hypertension, so I bought a blood pressure monitor to keep an eye on it.

After a week or so I took my own blood pressure and it was 110-115/65. Very low, thought I. Took it again, same. I thought I just wasn’t used to the machine. Waited a week and took it again.

Down, Down, Down

Yes, my blood pressure has come down. And I’m very happy because this correlates with increased health.

I haven’t recently taken up marathon running or any extreme sport; so I put it down to changes I have made in my diet this year.

I suppose taking Life Extension’s Life Extension Mix might have had an impact. But I think it’s more likely diet.

Dietary Changes

In my diet, I have: increased the raw food I eat – I have salad once or twice a day; almost cut out bread, potatoes, rice, pasta; increased nuts and seeds; almost cut out food cooked over 250 degrees F (about 110 degrees C).

I am really surprised at this reduction in blood pressure; but very pleased. I feel it is definitely a benefit of the changes in my diet.

  • Amla

    One can drink the rich colored juices,like the one of bitter-melon as well as the pomegranates…..Also doing a bit exercise too help you in controlling the high blood pressure..

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