Results Of My Blood Tests For Longevity

by Malc on June 26, 2008

From my blood tests for longevity, the overall test results I have received are good.

Kidney and liver show no malfunction. There are good to very good signs that cancer, heart disease and arthritic tendencies are not present. Prostate signs are good.

Thyroid indications are good. Vitamins B12 and D are good. Glycation level is good. (If bad, this causes faster aging by speeding up wrinkling of the skin and throughout the body)

Two Areas In Need of Attention

1. Blood glucose is at the beginning of the high range. This is not a great cause for concern; as the insulin tests shows the pancreas is working well; and the are good signs that metabolic syndrome is not present to any degree. However, I would be happier if the level was lower.

cholesterol-diagram 2. Both LDL (‘bad’) and HDL (‘good’) cholesterol are high. This means that the ratio between them – which is key – is good. Triclyceride levels – fats in the blood – are good, which lends weight to he view that the fat and cholesterol situation is not dangerous.

However, I would like the LDL to be lower.


LEF say that these two high results could well involve genetic factors. This is strengthened by the fact that my diet is low in carbohydrates and dietary cholesterol, and that no liver malfunction is indicated.

These tests have been extremely useful. I have been able to use some test results to check the implications of others. I feel I have had a very good assessment of my general level of health. Keeping a regular check – say, annual – should help highlight any problems early, for relatively easy treatment.

Tomorrow I will talk about my next steps.

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