Good Blood Tests are Vital

by Malc on June 16, 2008

A series of good blood tests are essential if you want to know what is going on inside your body. As mentioned previously, you can pay fortunes for blood tests; or the cost can be quite modest.

Ft-Lauderdale Life Extension Foundation (LEF) in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, offer very reasonable prices for blood tests. In addition, every year they have a sale when prices are even cheaper. LEF can arrange to take your blood all over the USA.

Living in the UK, I searched around for labs who offered a similar analysis, but with little luck. I later heard of one which probably could do; but I have no doubt they would be much more costly. LEF charged me less than £250 ($500) for around 50 tests.

They seemed to take a ton of blood – 6 vials of the stuff; but I didn’t stagger out of the lab, so it obviously was not too much.

While I was in Florida I thought I should allow a few days rest to adjust to the jet lag. I enjoyed the lovely warm weather, the local bars, and learned to scuba dive.

The test results have now arrived by post. And yes – there are some concerns as well as some reassuring signs.

My plan is:

  1. Interpret the results as best I can, using books, Internet, and LEF’s free telephone advice service.
  2. Devise a treatment plan
  3. Retest and re-assess.

When I come across something I cannot improve, or when I have done all I can, I will seek professional help. I am currently leaning towards consulting Philip Miller (author of Life Extension Revolution) in California.

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