Brain Does Not Shrink With Age

by Malc on September 17, 2009

brainA new study suggests that, if healthy, the [tag-tec]brain[/tag-tec] does not shrink – or shrinks little – with aging.

They conclude that because people with diseases which make the brain deteriorate have been included in past studies, the shrinking of the brain has been exagerated.

So… keep carrying out the brain-stretching exercises.

Sudoku, crosswords, meditation. And, of course thinking  🙂

  • Gary@Sudoku Tips

    Mind exercises like Sudoku puzzles or crossword puzzles or even reading help to strengthen your reasoning, logical and deduction functions in your brain. You are never too old to work out those parts of the body 😉

  • Malc

    OK Gary – it’s a self-interested link 😉 but you are right so I will approve it. Use it or you lose it! (Your brain, that is)


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