Calorie Restriction

by Malc on April 20, 2009

image Calorie restriction or "CR" has been shown to extend lifespan in some animals and worm. By reducing intake, our bodies slow down our metabolism to cope with the reduced level of food eaten.

However, can we deal with the repeated hunger pangs? Should we incorporate CR – or partial CR – into our lifestyle to live longer and live healthier?

I used to think "no" having met a couple of CR nutters. However, in the face of further evidence and the passage of time. I am thinking again.

Free Radical Damage

From a scientific point of view, tremendous cell damage is caused by free radicals, and free radicals are produced by the body processing food – especially by the mitochondria of our cells. Eat less food: produce fewer free radicals.

Another positive point for CR is the possibility of "partial CR" – ie not going the whole hog, but limiting food intake somewhat – say to 85% of what you would normally eat.

When it comes to considering cutting down food intake to extend life, one is reminded of the quote in answer to the question: "Does it make you live long?", "No – but it certainly seems that way."

To get more data, one book worth reading is the snappily named: The Longevity Diet: Discover Calorie Restriction – the Only Proven Way to Slow the Aging Process and Maintain Peak Vitality, written by two practitioners of CR.

You can get it from Amazon.

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