Caution Over Clinics Using Stem Cells For Longevity

by Malc on December 4, 2008

ISSCR Stem Cell Guidelines Issued By Professional Body

Clinics which promise greater longevity through use of stem cells will be able to follow a new set of guidelines, issued by the leading professional body.

The International Society for Stem Cell Research reported yesterday that a number of ‘rogue’ anti-aging clinics – often located in the developing world – are offering unproven treatments.

Some anti-aging clinics try to cash in on customers’ emotions when they have to deal with ailments such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and multiple sclerosis. Customers may pay £10-15,000 or more for treatment where scientific rationale, proper assessment and satisfactory follow up may be inadequate.

In a growing market such as that surrounding longevity, regulation always lags behind market growth. Ample research must precede any treatment. This will be difficult – especially when, in such a new field, the usual medical advisors may know little more than their patients.

In such a situation, one place to enquire would be the society who produced these new guidelines:

The International Society for Stem Cell Research

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