Cutting Edge Hand for Amputees

by Malc on November 13, 2009

Prosthetic-fingers-w200-h200People who have been unfortunate enough to lose fingers or even a whole hand can now get a cutting edge [tag-tec]prosthetic[/tag-tec] hand.

Scottish company Touch Bionics has designed and produced the first artificial hand on which all fingers and the thumb move independently. Touch Bionic’s hand is powered by five motors: other prosthetic hands generally use only two. This give the user much, much more freedom and possibility.

Once fitted, the hand (or fingers) can be used immediately: though delicate operations take a while to master. A user said:

“I found the trick is not to think what I was trying to do. ” In other words, let it become automatic.

From a standing start two years ago, the company is likely to sell 500 hands this financial year, 60% of them in the USA. The cost there is around $20,000 (£14,000) before fitting costs.

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