Dementia – Low Saturated Fat, Low Sugar Helps

by Malc on June 21, 2011

PET scan - Alzheimer's disease

PET scan - Alzheimer's disease

A study has shown that dementia and cognitive impairment appears to be made worse by a diet containing higher levels of saturated fat and simple sugars.

Fifty participants were chosen to take part in this study. half were older people who are healthy, and the other half had mild cognitive impairment – a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

The study lasted for weeks.

The participants were divided into two groups. One group received a diet containing high saturated fat and high levels of simple carbohydrates. The other group received low saturated fat and low levels of simple carbohydrates.

After the four weeks bio markers for Alzheimer’s disease were measured and memory tests were taken.

Results clearly show that the low saturated fat and low simple carbohydrate diet was beneficial for brain function.

This fits in with the general view on this blog, which is that a diet high in sugar – which includes all starches – encourages generalised inflammation and most degenerative diseases.

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