DNA – Cheap Genome Gets Nearer

by Malc on October 27, 2008

DNA3-2k Our DNA is unique to each individual. Our DNA can reveal various information about us which could be vital for our healthcare.

For example, once we know exactly the blueprint of our DNA, this will help us to know:

  • Which diseases we are prone to
  • Which nutrients we need more than the average person
  • Which ones we have difficulty in making ourselves – indicating that supplementation is desirable
  • Which drugs, or combinations of drugs, will suit us best should ever need drug treatment. This might save our lives as well as helping to ensure the dose we are given is suitable for us.

DNA Profile For $1000

It is a matter of time until we know our DNA – ‘sequence our genome’ – for $1000 (£550). The ‘$1000 challenge’ has been issued by America’s National Institutes of Health, and a number of companies are working on it.

In the UK, Oxford Nanopore is one company working on the ‘$1000 Challenge’. In the USA, Pacific Biosciences is one company working on it.

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