Exercise – A Reassessment

by Malc on August 7, 2009

exercise-man_workout-w200-h200I recently posted an entry about how I had changed my exercise routine in line with keeping healthy and… well, living to 150.

My visit to see Terry Grossman in Denver changed all that again. He told me about the PACE method of [tag-tec]exercise[/tag-tec] popularized by Al Sears. I’m not sure who got onto it first… but [tag-tec]interval training[/tag-tec] is the more generic name used.

Underlying the method is the fact that: cardio is bad. At least, in the way most of us understand it.

With cardio exercise (or aerobics) you stretch yourself moderately for half an hour or so 3 times a week. This, says Sears (and he has a lot of evidence) tells the muscle cells they need to be ready for this sort of moderate action. In response, the muscles become smaller and more dense. Not good.

The effect is to shrink the size of the lungs and the heart – the last thing we want. We want large muscles in the heart and lungs to make them ready to accommodate any sudden capacity demands. If these can’t be met by the heart, a heart attack is more likely.

So I am getting onto the ‘interval training’ bandwagon. Wish I’d heard about it before.

Check it out here – and get a free 6 minute workout.

I will be posting more about this fantastic method of exercise. Stick with me if you really want to get healthy – and keep healthy.

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