Exercise – Bring It On!

by Malc on August 9, 2009

alimming5Gosh – that [tag-tec]interval training[/tag-tec] is invigorating! (Is that a synonym for ‘knackering?) I have done some most days for the last week.

It is such a flexible system.

I have done press-ups one day, rowing another day, this 6 minutes programme on two other days.  I have two other simple exercises – ‘mountain climbing’ and step-ups – in hand. This is excellent [tag-tec]exercise[/tag-tec].

The crazy thing is – I imagine I could end up looking like a hunk! That is because interval training builds lean muscle. That has never been my desire… but it might (???) happen.

A 57 year old hunk sounds repulsive…. but then in Denver my H-scan test said my results were those of a 38-year old. So a 38 year-old hunk is maybe ok.

Measuring Improvements

I am benchmarking myself – taking blood pressure, measuring percentage body fat, recovery heart rate after exercise, resting heart rate and lung capacity.

I am also doing the same for others who are accompanying me on this journey for good health.This includes my Dad who is in good health, a little overweight and 84; and a friend who is 70, well overweight and has had heart surgery. Clearly he will be running everything past his doctor.

Then I – and they if they keep up – will be measuring improvements. That will be encouraging.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning’s exercise.

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