Follow Up – Crowns Fitted

by Malc on February 3, 2010

teeth-crown-w200-h200My second trip to the [tag-tec]dentist[/tag-tec] a couple of weeks later was to have the crowns fitted. I knew what to expect now so was not as apprehensive as the previous time.

The [tag-tec]crowns[/tag-tec] had been made and they were sitting there fitted to a copy of my jaw.

Removing the temporary crowns from my teeth seem to require a huge amount of pressure to me. But it was not painful, and I suppose the glue used has to be quite strong so they don’t fall out before the patient returns.

Fitting each new one in place was a long job, longer than the job of fitting the temporary crown.

The fit is incredibly precise, and I was glad I was in the hands of a specialist in this area. I suppose the crowns are made slightly oversized, and then the trims them very slightly so that there is a perfect fit. She chopped off bits here and there, drilling off tiny pieces to make my bite absolutely perfect. She then checked it four or five times each side for each of the two crowns.

Eventually, she was happy, and I was happy. The necessary filling was done to a back tooth, and then it was just the extraction of the broken tooth to be done.

For the extraction, I was ready for quite a fight to pull out this broken tooth, only a small piece of which protruded above the gum line. In the event, I felt absolutely nothing.

I was stunned. The dentist fiddled about for about five minutes sticking something down into the gum, then out came the broken root. I felt nothing! I could have sworn that removing it would involve more discomfort than that. She assured me it should not.

Now I had to wait a few months for the bone to heal whether rooted come out. I would then have a visit to a surgeon who would assess how best to apply the titanium pin into the jawbone which would hold the implanted tooth to fit in the space. The ideal time to leave this was between three and six months, to heal up.

I emerged from dentist feeling a little bit number than the previous time, but still not too bad.

I still felt that I was in excellent hands, and did not regret my decision to proceed with this expensive treatment.

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