Follow Up Dentist Visit

by Malc on January 13, 2010

After a week I received a detailed plan of recommended treatment from my dentist. I had explained that I would not be doing everything at once, and so she prioritises the treatment to do the most important first.

One tooth had broken off a cusp and so obviously needed doing quickly. Another tooth had dropped out having had a broken for a few months. My previous dentist said wait till it falls out. Unfortunately, the tooth had become infected in the meantime and was oozing pus. Yuck! Probably a bad call to leave it so long.

So, removal of the root was also a high priority.

The two is next to the broken root had a large filling which was disintegrating. This was also prioritised for early treatment. Finally, back to is have a chunk which have fallen off, and so this was going to be repaired.

This was the initial treatment. The total cost was lower than it might have been because of who recommended me. The first chunk of treatment worked out at a total of £2750.

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