FSA Identifies Cancer Poison in Pringles

by Malc on October 21, 2008


The poison – Acrylamide – is also in Tesco own label ‘hoops’, Hula Hoops and Duchy Original Crisps.

Acrylamide has the "potential to cause cancer even at very low levels of exposure". The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has been studying the levels of acrylamide in common foods for 3 years. It has been tricky for them – because it is in so many foods. However, there is one common factor in all these foods. Preparation at high temperature.

Acrylamide occurrs when a reaction takes place between sugar and asparagine, an amino acid (part of a protein). Many scientists believe it is a by-product of the well-known Maillard reaction – similar to caramelization – which is what causes browning in food.

Acrylamide was discovered by chance in foods in April 2002 in Sweden, when scientists found large amounts of the chemical in starchy food cooked at high temperature; potato chips (crisps), french fries and bread.

A Dutch study of 62,000 women over 11 years concluded that those women with higher levels of acrylamide in the diet are twice as likely to develop womb or ovarian cancer,  


I have commented before on avoiding foods cooked at high temperature because it causes Glycation End-products. These cause damaging glycation – wrinkling – throughout the body. Glycation accelerates aging.

Acrylamide – a potential cause of cancer – is another reason to minimize food which has been roasted, baked, grilled, fried or barbequeued.

The FSA can study it as much as they like; in the end, most people would benefit from cutting down on food cooked at over 250 degrees F and increase raw food in the diet.

Acrylamide has not been found in food which has been boiled, or in raw food.


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  • http://sidesleeperpillow.org Joseph@side sleeper pillow

    Ok this is worrying 😯

    Thankgod im on a diet, no more pringles for me.

  • http://www.zcarzdrivingschool.co.uk/ Emma @ Driving School Bromley

    This is scary stuff. I bet most people don’t know about it either, should they really be selling these products? Its disgusting. 😐

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