Glycation Causes More Rapid Aging

by Malc on April 10, 2012

Glycation is the combination of sugar with protein to form a tarry mess of non-functional tissue. This happens as we age, and certain things can cause it to happen more.

Glycation is responsible for the wrinkling of our skin, which looks bad: but worse than that, it means the glycation is also happening within. Inner “wrinkling” causes organs which need to be flexible, to malfunction. The organs which most need to be flexible get the most problems – the heart, brain, kidneys and eyes.

The two main factors causing glycation are;

1. High blood sugar levels

2. Eating fried, roast and barbecued foods – even grilling uses a high temperature so, although better than frying, it is still not too good.

Glycation caused by high sugar levels explain why diabetics get problems with those “flexible” organs mentioned above. The high sugar levels in a diabetic’s blood causes these organs to harden up earlier than they would in natural old age.

Foods cooked at a high temperature – and especially if browned – create massive inputs of glycated tissue into the body, and cause more once inside. So, poaching, simmering and casseroling are all preferable.

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