Health Report Has Arrived

by Malc on September 20, 2009

blood-test-notesI have now received a comprehensive written report from visiting Dr Terry Grossman’s clinic in Denver. There are few surprises.

[tag-tec]Blood sugar[/tag-tec] is a little higher than I would like. [tag-tec]Homcysteine[/tag-tec] is higher than it was last year; that means increased heart disease risk so I will increase B vitamins and folic acid to deal with this.

My LDL cholesterl is even higher than last year. However, this time a VAP test (more in depth that the usual cholesterol test) reveals that many of these LDL particles are the worse, smaller kinds, which are more of a heart risk.

I will need to address this. How, I will know after talking to Terry Grossman for my follow-up consultation.

Apart from this news is good. Inherited factors are not bad; my ‘H-scan’ result places me at 38 years old biologically –  19 years younger than my physical age; and one or two environmental toxns need sorting out with a course of chelaton therapy.

After my telephone consultaton I will carry out Terry’s recommendations.Then he wants some repeat blood tests to monitor the hoped-for improvements.

So I will probably pop over to New York to have the retests. This seems crazy but is necessary for three reasons: 1. It’s good if the same lab does the tests – for comparison purposes; 2. Blood tests cost a fortune in the UK: 3. Sending blood to the States is very expensive – and if it’s delayed, it’s ‘dead’.

Anyway, it’s an excuse for a few days’ break in New York. I can go and see the stunning gospel choir in the Bronx I saw last time.

I also plan to try and get my parents to go over to have some basic blood tests at that time.

Question: Would you travel 3000 miles to get blood tests if you knew it would help you look after your health – and possible avoid cancer and heart disease? Leave a comment.

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