Living to 150

by Malc on June 8, 2008

calendar-future Live to 150? What is this guy talking about?

The response of most people is: "I don’t want to be weak, diseased, frail – AND 100…" (let alone 150).

Fair enough.

But this assumes you CAN’T get to that age and still be vibrant, vigorous and healthy. My aim is to prove that that assumption is wrong.

I aim to:

– Get healthy

– Learn what makes us weak, diseased, frail, and…

– Avoid those things.

I intend to get old – and stay healthy and fit.

Yes, the Living To 150 blog looks at the factors that will help Malc live to 150. And be healthy, happy, and still have all his marbles.

150 years old might sound ridiculous. However, stunning discoveries have been made in longevity in the past 10-20 -30 years, and even more startling discoveries will be made in the next 20 years.

If nothing else, being healthy till you die is a great aim for us all. Let’s make use of the wealth of information that is about right now about how we kill ourselves – mainly via cardio-vascular disease, cancer and, too much sugar and carbohydrates in our diets.

There is more information out there to help keep us alive and healthy than most of us realize.

In this blog I will examine this information and try to give the various views which there are. I will be using this info – and I hope you find it interesting.


Important topics covered – all of which directly affect longevity – will include:

Supplements – to take or not to take? Can they be poisonous? Where to get them?

Diet – is meat good or bad? How does starch makes you fat – rather than fat?

Why is diabetes becoming rampant – and how can most people easily avoid it?

What is more likely to give you a heart attack than cholesterol?

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Living to 150 – what a lark!

Just don’t tell the poor old actuaries – they’d have a heart attack.

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