HIV Virus Structure Decoded

by Malc on August 24, 2009

HIV2The genetic structure of [tag-tec]HIV-1[/tag-tec] – the main cause of [tag-tec]AIDS[/tag-tec] – has been sequenced by scientists in North Carolina, USA. This will give information firstly on how to attack the virus and secondly how it manages to avoid its hosts’ immune system so well.

The HIV-1 virus is an RNA-based, rather than DNA-based virus. In this respect it is the same as the swine flu virus. Being RNA-based makes a virus more complex to understand in some ways. It also gives a virus to ability, potentially, to mutate much faster than on which is DNA based.

Researchers hail the sequencing as an important step in understanding and treating the HIV virus.

  • JB

    I have a book called “Why we will never win the war on Aids”. The book states that the Aids virus is a big hoax. All the Aids virus does is cause a bad case of the flu. When an experiment was done such that the Aids virus was put into a test tube containing T-cells, it was a null effect, no T-cells were killed. The book says that recreational drug users damaged their immune system using heroin. The book says that gay males destroyed their immune system via the over-use of Tetracycline. So don’t worry about Aids, it’s a big hoax, like the bird flu.

  • EMC

    we will win war against AIDS trust me.

  • Malc

    In time we will. I agree. And caner.


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