How To Avoid Aging Wrinkles

by Malc on July 19, 2008

Glycation leads to wrinkles Avoiding facial wrinkles is a big issue for many people – especially many women. Some resort to extreme measures such as injecting toxins into the skin – Botox – or surgical operations.

However, this ignores the main functional problem produced by  wrinkles; they don’t just affect the face, but affect the whole body. In fact, the main problem with wrinkles is that they reduce the flexibility of organs which need to be flexible. Facial wrinkles are just the external indication of the main problem; glycation.

By reducing the flexibility off the brain, heart, kidneys and eyes glycation promotes aging.

So, to help you keep looking young externally, and also to help you keep young internally, addressing glycation is a key issue.

The Main Causes Of Glycation

The Main causes are:

1. Blood glucose, which is too high.
2. Eating foods cooked at temperatures which are too high

1. High Blood Glucose

A continually high level of blood glucose promotes glycation. The main solution, for most people is dramatically to cut down the amount of starch in the diet; bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. Ideally, don’t eat any. Practically, reduce to a bare minimum.

Preferably, monitor blood glucose level with blood tests.

2. Food Cooked At High Temperature

Food cooked at temperatures above 250°F promote glycation. To avoid this, avoid frying, grilling, roasting, [and broiling]. Prepare foods uncooked [salads], and use slow cooking, steaming, simmering, stews to prepare your food.

Ideally, make sure all the food you eat is prepared in this way. Practically, only eat foods cooked at high temperatures on rare occasions, such as when visiting friends.

Lovely salads - avoid glycationPractical application

When eating out, it’s a fairly simple matter to choose foods which follow these guidelines. Salad-and-something is a common option; or or a protein choice plus mixed vegetables – hold the potatoes.

As in all things, don’t strain too much to avoid glycated foods 100%. But 95% is great – and it will help your skin, long term.

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