Immune System – Key to Aging?

by Malc on June 12, 2008

ultra-longevity-book An overactive immune system is the main cause of degenerative disease and aging, according to Mark Liponis, a Director of Canyon Ranch health resorts. He puts forward this theory in this new book.

He points out that white blood cells are closely involved in arteriosclerosis, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s Disease, for example.

He also has observed that aging takes place in ‘spurts’, rather than steadily. He aims to help us to reduce these ‘spurts’ to a minimum in his book Ultra-Longevity.

One way to see the level of immune system overactivity is to measure C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood. This should be at or below 1.5 mg/L for women and 0.6mg/L for men. (Philip Lee Miller, Life Extension Revolution.) If you are having blood tests taken to assess overall health, CRP should certainly be one of them.

Take Liponis’ light-hearted quiz to find out how your immune system scores out of 100.

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