Inflammatory Bowel Disease Symptoms & Probiotics

by Malc on March 28, 2010

shs-Bio30-smInflammatory bowel disease symptoms can be a real pain. Literally. One way to help deal with them is by taking a good probiotic supplement – a bowel flora supplement. When taking probiotics side effects are very few-and-far between. The only possible side effect is slightly loose bowels – which happens for just a few people. This easily goes away if you reduce the amount taken, and will recede for most people as the body gets used to the probiotics.

There are many different probiotics brands: the one above is one we like and use.

This is a top quality [tag-tec]probiotic[/tag-tec], one a day. It contains 6 patented strains of friendly bacteria in a unique combination. It was designed by Dr Lawrence Plaskett, top UK nutritionist.

Probiotics include varieties of various bacteria naturally found in the bowel. These include [tag-tec]acidophilus[/tag-tec], bifidus and rhamnosus. When functioning well the bowel contains large amounts of these bacteria. In fact, the majority of the stool is made up of these bacteria.

These friendly bacteria can be supplemented to some extent by taking yoghurt; however, a supplement will always contain many more bacteria than yoghurt will.

Bio Multi-flora contains 3.5 billion organisms per capsule. Of all probiotics brands, I recommend you try this one.

Of course if you do have inflammatory bowel disease symptoms you must visit your doctor for a diagnosis.Some people find the doctor has little to offer them, which is when natural aids such as probiotics and slippery elm can be used. Slippery Elm benefits are particularly to be welcomed – the herb has a very soothing effect: and slippery elm tea – made from slippery elm powder – can be readily taken several times a day to help ease the condition.

  • Chris

    What are the other three bacterium. I try not to take anything of which I do not know the contents.

  • Malc

    Hi. The full list of bacteria in this product are: Lactobacillus acidophilus and rhamnosus, Lactococcus lactis, Bifido
    longum, breve and bifidum.

    Best, Malcolm

  • probiotic supplement

    This is so interested! Where can I find more like

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