Interval Training – Be Healthy And Slim

by Malc on August 31, 2009

ex-runningInterval training is the healthiest way to exercise. It is better than cardio; better than weight training.

What is [tag-tec]interval training[/tag-tec]?

Basically, you do one minute of intense exercise following by 1-2 minutes of recovery time; then repeat. You can work up to 15-20 minutes a day, and that is a huge chunk of your exercise need met. You will also easily get rock hard abs!

Many of the weight loss regimes being sold on the Internet are based on this method. That’s because it really works!

You can do many exercises in an interval training sort of way – it’s just the ‘1 minute intense, 1-2 minutes recovery’ routine which is at the heart of the system.

You can use pressups, running, fast walking, abdominal crunches, the plank, ‘rock climbing’, etc with interval training.

My developing site at has details of what interval training is, and also there are two short workouts which can be used to shape up, lose any flab and get healthy.

Interval training is one of the best ways to lose weight, as well as to strengthen heart and lungs. I recommend it strongly.

Obviously, it should be part of a healthy lifestyle – including a healthy diet.

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