Interval Training Continues Apace

by Malc on September 3, 2009

sofa-w200-h200I am continuing with the interval training mentioned in a previous post. You may remember this is the [tag-tec]exercise[/tag-tec] method Terry Grossman put me onto when I visited him in his anti-aging clinic in Denver in the summer.

What a great method of exercise [tag-tec]interval training[/tag-tec] is! I particularly like it because 1. you don’t have to go out, and 2. it’s quick – get it done, and that’s it. It’s also very active. That suits me too.

My favourite (and hardest) routine involves 7 types of abdominal crunches and is carried out using only a sofa! Rock hard abs guaranteed in 3 months – if you keep it up. You don’t have to want to be a hunk to do it – reduced abdominal fat is also correlated with lower levels of cancer and heart disease.

The video showing you how to get rock-hard abs is the second one on this page.

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    Cardio exercise don’t need expensive treadmills. You could even do it at home as long as you know what you’re doing.

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