Longevity: Staying Healthy While Aging Is One Thing; But Living To 150….?

by Malc on June 13, 2008

knowledge Longevity is easier to achieve today than it has ever been. We are killing ourselves a little bit every day in ways that are not that hard to address. We just need the knowledge, and the will to do so.

4 of the main ways we are slowly killing ourselves are:

  1. By allowing blood homocysteine to be too high
  2. Not addressing low level inflammation in the body
  3. Having an excess of glycotoxins (these cause wrinkles – inside the body and out), and
  4. Too many free radicals (and too few anti-oxidants to mop them up)

All 4 factors produce aging; and they create disease – especially cancer and heart disease. They can all be addressed.

The first 2 are easily measured by appropriate blood tests. They are usually successfully treated with supplements and herbs. A re-test after a few months will show the progress being made.

For numbers 3 and 4 on the list, the treatment is to change lifestyle and diet to prevent additional free radicals and glycotoxins being formed; and to take supplements to reduce the levels which are present.

For example, sun-bathing creates huge numbers of free radicals so should be avoided; bar-b-q cooked meat is high in glycotoxins and similarly should be avoided. A large amount of fruit and veg in the diet always helps; as does a dramatic reduction in the intake of starchy food.

For supplements, common anti-oxidants include vitamins A, C and E; and to counteract glycation, carnosine is a powerful aid.

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