Life Expectancy Increases Another 4 years

by Malc on May 30, 2009

happy-old-lady-w200-h200 In just 17 years, life expectancy in the UK has risen by 4 years, meaning that a baby born today can expect to live to nearly 80 years old, on average.

This is due largely to better healthcare, meaning that some sick people are kept alive for longer.

With the rise in obesity and the accompanying dangers of insulin resistance, it is quite possible: some say likely – that this trend will reverse before too long.

Keep Healthy – Keep Trim

To counteract this trend it is important to maintain a good weight for your height as well as reducing the amount of starchy food in your diet.

These reported increases in life expectancy are mirrored throughout Europe. The highest life expectancy is in San Marino which is four years higher than in the UK.

It is sobering to reflect that, on the other hand, the lowest life expectancy is in Sierra Leone where it is a mere 39 years.

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