Longevity Company Tackles Spinal Damage with Stem Cells

by Malc on January 23, 2009

stem-cells Biotech company Geron has been given the go-ahead by US Regulators to use embryonic stem cells in humans for the first time. Clinical trials will begin for patients with severe injuries of the spinal cord.

They intend to recruit 8 patients and follow them for a year.

This has great implications for anyone with spinal damage as well as anyone who wants to promote longevity – healthy aging.

Geron has been at the vanguard of stem cell research, but has been held back tremendously by President Bush’s ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Embryonic Stem Cells

The benefit of embryonic stem cells, as opposed to adult stem cells, is that the former can differentiate into any cell in the body. This gives embryonic stem cells much more restorative power than their less flexible cousins, adult stem cells.

Gernon’s CEO said:

This goes beyond pills and scalpels to achieve a new level of healing.

Through the use of embryonic stem cells – or stem cells mimicking these – growth of replacement organs and tissues will become commonplace treatments. The benefits for long life are obvious.

Backward Thinking Bush

During Bush’s administration, biotech companies often decided to divert money from embryonic stem cell research into the much less promising adult stem cell research. This has dramatically slowed down the progress which would have been possible.

Although some caution is necessary, the benefits of embryonic stem cell research will be staggering.

Again, Gernon’s CEO says:

…if we can turn a quadriplegic into someone who can walk with a cane, this will go fast-track like lightning."

I am sure that is true.

Superman Vindicated

This is the sort of research that Christopher Reeve – ex Superman actor – spend much of his life fighting for after his horse-riding accident. It is sad that his life was not long enough to experience the benefits of this research.

President Obama opposed Bush’s ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research; so we can expect to see his ban reversed soon.

Once this happens, increased benefits will start to flow in a few short years. Everyone interested in longevity should welcome this change in American policy.

  • http://www.herbal-menopause.com Steven@menopause herbs

    There is so much potential for treatment with stem cells. I know there are concerns about it, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.

  • http://hotmail robert

    wow how good will this be great stuff the future is looking so much beter i had abike accident and broke my neck ac1 fractur and do beleive if i couldhave or had stem cell treatment i wood be alot better keep up the good work lets hope people can see how great this will be four the human race :

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