Longevity Raises Serious Issues For Insurance And Pensions

by Malc on February 4, 2011

Pensions Palace

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Greater human longevity is already raising concerns in the insurance and pensions industries. Well, they “ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Radical life extension” is around the corner. And I mean decades, rather than centuries.

“Living To 150” is not just some pipe dream, it is a genuine prediction.

When we get to the point that people are actually living to 150, it’s probably time to get out of the pensions industry. In fact, best get out well before that.

Our whole conception of aging will change dramatically over the next few decades. Our ready acceptance of the inevitability of becoming sick, frail, and developing degenerative diseases with age will have to be seriously questioned.

We think that we have seen a banking crisis in the last couple of years! Well, once reality hits home, the insurance and pensions industries will have a massive crisis to deal with coping with the ramifications of ever-increasing longevity, as anti-aging is embraced rapidly by the whole population.

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