Married Men Have Lowest Disease Risk

by Malc on September 17, 2009

crp-w200-h200Scientists studied 1,700 male volunteers to find their propensity to develop serious disease. They measured blood CRP – c-reactive protein – levels. [tag-tec]CRP[/tag-tec] has been correlated with increased incidence of depression, [tag-tec]heart disease[/tag-tec] and stroke.

Higher CRP levels – and thus chances of serious disease – were more likely in those men with high blood pressure; even higher CRP levels were found in those who smoked; but the highest levels of all were found in men who were not married!

But this doesn’t mean that married men can ‘let themselves go’!

The British Heart Foundation warns that: “Whether you are married or not, eating healthily, doing regular activity and ot sokeng are all vital.”

You have been warned.

Article on inflammation and CRP.


    “Married Men Have Lowest Disease Risk” was in fact really engaging and enlightening!

    In the present day universe honestly, that is very difficult to deliver.
    Thank you, Penney

  • Malc

    Thanks Penney!


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