More Antioxidants – Use Lemon In Tea

by Malc on June 21, 2011

Green Tea - Better With Lemon

Green Tea - Better With Lemon

A recent study has shown that if you add citrus juice to your green tea, its benefits are multiplied.

The study, published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research found that lemons, in particular, prolonged the life of the catechins in green tea. Catechins are the naturally occurring antioxidant in green tea, which gives the tea its benefits.

The benefit of the lemon was huge. Normally, after digestion of green tea, only 20% of the catechins remain to be absorbed into the blood. Using lemon in the tea, 80% remained.

So, although these results were preliminary, it seems a good bet that adding some lemon juice to your green tea is likely to magnify its benefits.

Lemon juice is very good for you in other ways to: so adding it your green tea can only help anyway.

I have my green tea two or three times a day – in my insulated cup I was given at Dr Terry Grossman’s anti-aging clinic in Denver, when I visited him in 2009. That reminds me of that trip. So it will be easy for me to add in some lemon juice – in fact, I will start tomorrow!

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