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by Malc on May 10, 2011

Blood tests done in the USA

Blood tests in USA (Wikipedia)

In America, many people have annual blood tests. It’s commonplace. In the UK it happens hardly at all. Well, it is so expensive over here.

In the USA I can get 80 or so blood tests done for around £300-400. ($450-600) That is very cheap.

In the UK, one blood test can cost over £100.

It is my aim to demonstrate to you how you can monitor your health by having regular blood tests done. To this end, I have had a series of three blood tests now. The last set was nearly 2 years ago in Denver. This time I had some done in Palm Springs, and then some done in San Francisco.

I did not intend to split them! But after the initial tests in Palm Springs, I got an email from the lab, saying they hadn’t taken enough blood! So I had to go back a second time to have more blood drawn. Fortunately, I was checking emails while in the States.

Being the third time I have had tests done, I’m beginning to get the hang of interpreting them.

The first time I had them done I really didn’t have much of a clue. I have been in alternative medicine for 30 years, but analysing blood tests has never been part of what I have done.

Now, I can see that each time I have them done, I’m beginning to understand more and more about them.

I have an adviser, fortunately, who is an expert in interpreting blood tests and can help me. Handy. But I have to learn more myself as I go along.

One particular concern this time is my borderline-high cholesterol. My partner also has this. I am researching it carefully to find out what I should be doing to deal with it. Or, in fact, if I should be doing anything.

I’m reading a book called “The Great Cholesterol Con”. This explores the hypothesis that cholesterol does not lead to heart disease. Interesting, but it might be left field. I’m  not sure though – the author has a ton of evidence.

I now need to do loads of research on the blood tests – both for myself and for my partner. I will let you know a summary of my findings, and what I intend to do about them.

  • Olga Turner8

    Hello  , what you are doing by cheking your helth with blood tests  o regulary is exellent.That is real screenig sistem , and it is aviable in many countrys.If you need any help in interpretation of your tests please send me email. I would liek to help ,I have  hugu experience..regards Olga

  • Anonymous

    Cheers Olga


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