More “Stem Cell Madness”

by Malc on May 10, 2011

Stem Cell Madness - Again

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The European Court of Justice’s advocate general has said all patents on embryonic stem cell-related technologies should be banned on moral grounds. Opponents, including today’s Financial Times leader (9th May 2011) say: “complete tosh”.

This means that no company could precede with research in the EU if they could not get a patent – and so have the chance of getting their money back from what would be an expensive research program.

Leading stem cell scientists said in a letter that a negative ruling could spell disaster for drug firms seeking treatments for conditions which include such medical disasters as blindness and spinal chord injuries.

“If the ECJ was to follow this opinion, the reality is that all patents in Europe that relate to human embryonic stem cells will be eliminated,” was the opinion of one Austin Smith of the Centre for Stem Cell Research in Cambridge, one of those who signed the letter.

It’s simple: research firms would desert Europe and go to the Far East and California – the cutting edge of stem cell research.

We have so much to gain from stem cell research – in terms of reducing suffering. Let’s hope the European Court see sense. They might.

Added 25/5/2011: UPDATE ON THE ACJ DECISION (Well, not so much a decision, more of an evasion 😐 )

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