My Dental Treatment in Harley Street

by Malc on November 23, 2009

This week I took a trip to a new dentist.

I have been going to what I considered was a good dentist for a couple of years for my [tag-tec]dental treatment[/tag-tec]. A month ago, he said that one of my teeth was heading towards needing a crown. A cusp had cracked off and he said just to leave it.

I was concerned about that, because through ignorance, I thought that having a crown meant having a root canal filling. I know that the way that is generally done is to have mercury introduced into the root canal. I am very wary of this because, from previous studies, I know that this can lead to long-term infection, infecting the rest of the body. I believe, based on works I have read, that this can lead to serious illness.

I was therefore very keen to avoid a root canal filling.

I talked to a good friend about this issue, and he recommended strongly a second opinion from a dentist his family used in London. Not just London – Harley Street. This sounded expensive.

I want my teeth to last as possible, so I felt a second opinion from someone so strongly recommended was worth it. And I thought it would make good material to report on in this blog as the treatment progressed.

I booked up and went for a consultation.

The dentist took pictures – pictures not x-rays – of all my teeth. She put them up on a screen there and then, and discussed them with me at length. She pointed out the shortcomings of the various teeth and their fillings. She indicated decay around an existing filling which was very clear to see but which had not been mentioned to me before. I was shocked to see it – but could not argue with the evidence in front of my eyes.

SIM6-w150-h150As for the broken cusp, she said to sort that tooth out and crown it as soon as possible, before the other cusp broke off too. Neither could I argue with that sensible suggestion. On the left, you can see the tooth in question with one cusp misisng. That ‘stick’ is a post previously inserted to help hold in the huge filling.

I learned that crowns can be preventive: can slow down deterioration and increase longevity of the tooth. I did not realize that.

The result is, I have an expensive course of treatment. I will do the important stuff first, spread over two treatments, then finish off next year. This will, I feel sure, make my teeth last much longer.

It was a very interesting visit.

Tooth Extraction

On the first treatment, I had a broken root extracted. My dentist has said wait until the broken tooth above fell out, which it has recently done. However, following this advice had allowed a pretty extensive infection to attack the root. So that was hardly good advice either. Grrrrh!

She send me home with the warning that my cheek might swell up as the infection had been ‘liberated’. She gave me a penicillin prescription to hand on to in case I needed it.

Of course I went home and immediately reached the herbs!

First of all, Red Sage and Echinacea Gargle:

This is fantastic. Starting immediately, I put 20 to 25 drops into a little warm water and swished it around the extraction area for 30 seconds then spat out. I repeated three or four times with the rest of the mixture.

Now, for the daily capsules. I would take three Echinacea Compound Capsules twice a day;

(Echinacea, wild indigo, low-odour garlic, myrrh – a great combination)

One Power Garlic Capsule twice a day

(Low odour – and one capsule is equivalent to one clove of garlic)

…and continue with the Red Sage and Echinacea Gargle three times a day.

There was no swollen cheek next day, but on the day after I could feel with my tongue that the gum at one corner of the vacant hole was distinctly swollen. I kept up with the herbs. The next day it was just the same period day after, it gone down slightly. The day after that, it was back to normal.

So that’s that deal with then!

Look Away If Squeamish

SIM3-w150-h150Sorry it’s horrid! This is where the broken root has been left to develop an infection – should have been removed long ago.

That white stuff is the pus oozing out of the hole.

What will now happen, is that the wound will be left for a few month to heal up, and a titanium post inserted by a surgeon. The dentist can then implant a tooth onto that.

Should last ages!

Phase Two of the Treatment

Now to phase two of my treatment in two weeks.

I will be having two inlays, rather than crowns: these are for when part of the tooth is left. Gold is the best solution for inlays and crowns, all things being equal. My partner hates the idea of me flaunting gold in the mouth. (And I am not even a rapper 🙂  )

So I have compromised: if it’s the back 3 teeth – gold: otherwise some more cosmetic answer.

A Great Dentist

I really feel I have a fantastic dentist here. My friend’s strong recommendation was justified. She’s caring, shows and explains everything, and I expect, as he said, that she is a superb technician. I feel I have a dentist who is very concerned with making my teeth last as long as possible.

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