My Health – Cholesterol

by Malc on September 23, 2009

cholesterol-diagramThe worst result coming back from my health tests at Frontier Clinic in Denver are that my LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol is very high.

Just about everything else is ok; this is bad.

Exactly what to do about it I don’t know yet as I have not had my ‘post consultation’ chat with Terry Grossman yet.

However, and this is a bit of a shock, I might end up taking a statin drug.

Two years ago I culd not have seen myself taking a [tag-tec]statin[/tag-tec]. But with my LDL as high as it is – and it’s not due to my diet – I might just have to consider it.

I will do all I can to avoid that eventuality – mainly taking [tag-tec]niacin[/tag-tec] and [tag-tec]red rice yeast[/tag-tec] – but with the level of LDL I have, that may not be enough.

I will learn more when I talk to Terry Grossman, and will report further.

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