My Health – The Next Step

by Malc on November 16, 2009

(Here is a brief summary for new readers:  I started my anti-aging, or [tag-tec]longevity[/tag-tec], quest in March 2008 when I visited Fort Lauderdale for 63 blood tests. Then I had to interpret them as best as I could.)

In July 2009 I decided to get more professional input, and visited Dr Terry Grossman in Denver for a repeat of the tests, a few more besides, and more personal advice.

In October 2009 (OK – I dragged my feet a bit) I had a review, via Skype, of the results of the tests Terry had carried out for me.

Wow – Skype video! Fantastic. It was near to the effect of being in Terry Grossman’s offices.

Key Health Points

Key points were:

  • My total cholesterol is high
  • My genetic profile shows no particular inherited concerns
  • My biological age is 19 years younger than my physical age – a near record for the clinic
  • I need to enhance my exercise regime to keep up the good results I have had.

I am now starting my ‘new regime’. My main aim is to reduce my cholesterol – through diet  and supplements.

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