My Teeth – A Dentistry Update

by Malc on May 10, 2011

My super dentist in Harley Street

Harley Street, London (Wikipedia)

I visited my new Harley Street dentist the other day. My experiment with Harley Street has turned out to be extremely successful.

My idea was to visit a Harley Street dentist to see if they were really worth it. Was my own dentist giving me the advice and help I really needed? Or was I being misled?

Were Harley Street prices really worth paying, or were they a rip-off?

Well, it is true that I ended up paying more in Harley Street than I would have done in Brighton. (I suppose that’s pretty obvious…)

In addition to that, my Brighton dentist just had not kept me up to date with the state of my teeth.

I had teeth which were actively decaying. ACTIVELY. But no word from him!

You could easily see the decay from the photographs taken in Harley Street. My Brighton dentist was telling me that in time – some point in the future – I would need crowns.

What I was not being told was:

1. My teeth were actually decaying NOW
2. It was a conservative treatment have crowns. In other words, my teeth would last longer if they were crowned, rather than having the huge fillings which were a legacy from my childhood.

Now, I’m sure that many people have dentists who are extremely careful, highly skilled and give great results. I am not saying you have to go to Harley Street for that. Not necessarily.

But in my experiment, I went to a Harley Street dentist I was recommended to by someone who I respect; someone who hardly recommends anybody, ever! And this dentist is warm  and caring, and everything she does she illustrates through x-rays and films. I can see everything going on in a way I never have before at any other dentist. She explains everything really well, and I never feel at all hurried.

And I feel very confident that I am getting the best treatment.

It’s a bit like taking your car to a mechanic. It’s hard to know what they are doing under that bonnet! Well, with this dentist I feel very confident. You won’t necessarily get that with every Harley Street dentist, I am sure: but this one worked for me!

I am getting some pictures of my treatment and will put them up on the blog. One interesting one is to see an x-ray of a broken root: then of the titanium rod: then of the final tooth implant.

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