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by Malc on October 6, 2008

The Mercola Newsletter is subscribed to by over a million people. You might like to think about subscribing.

At Dr Joseph Mercola’ site, there is also a blog and information on a range of health products. There is also a link to details of the clinic he runs.

Here is a video produced by Dr Mercola’s team himself which contains some disturbing facts and figures about conventional medicine in America. These include: 

  • Sloppy handwriting causes 7000 deaths a year
  • Only 6% of adverse drug reactions are correctly identified
  • The drug industry makes most money if millions on people get sick, and then stay sick (think diabetes, high cholesterol – both great for drug companies – both unnecessary treatments if those companies were genuinely looking to treat the cause, rather than symptoms)
  • The deaths caused by conventional medicine in just one decade total up to around 8 million.

The picture is very similar in the UK.

You can’t help thinking: "When are we going to wake up?"

  • Amber Burnett

    I hope this reaches out to those still unsure of what to believe in our corrupt world of prescriptions. Thank you!

  • Malc

    We’re getting there – a step at a time!

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