New Computer

by Malc on May 17, 2009

Don’t you love ’em – and hate ’em? Computers, that is.

laptop-kitten-200x154I have nearly completed the reinstallation of all my – many -programmes on a new computer. It took most of a week, hence no blogging last week. It’s a bit frustrating doing all that – but nothing like as frustrating as working on the old one. After daily use for 3 years, it kept grinding to a halt, necessitating a reboot.

The startling news is that, for the first time ever, the new computer has lived up to its promise. It is the first one I have ever had where I can REALLY notice the difference in speed compared to the last one.

My techie friend, John, who built it says:

“It’s got 4 solid state discs drives working simultaneously,connected together with RAID Zero”. That means it works 4 x faster than having one disk.

I say: “Wow – that’ fast.” (If you want one, mail me and I will forward it. It’ll cost around £1000 – that’s probably £400 off the shop price.)

What a great job I have; I get to play (ha ha) on the computer all day, and, the icing on the cake this week, I got my first iPhone too, which has impressed me. Boys and toys.

So at the moment, it’s all love with the new computer.

Please let it last.

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