New Technique Boosts Heart Research

by Malc on June 8, 2009

heart-1-200px [tag-tec]Heart disease[/tag-tec] research has taken a step forward because of a new technique. This technique is not only kinder to animals, but is much cheaper in use and so it means more research can be done.

Pigs are often used in [tag-tec]heart research[/tag-tec] because their heart valves resemble those of humans. The new technique accurately simulates blood flow in the heart by connecting it to equipment on a laboratory bench.

Thus the heart is attached to equipment outside the pig. The results of any experiments carried out can be obtained much, much more quickly and easily.

The new technique will mean that a piece of research might only cost cost $25 instead of around $2500 if it was carried out on a live pig – a massive saving.

Obviously, this means that many more pieces of research will be possible and medical advanced will be multiplied.

Finally, the trauma for the poor animals will be much less.


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