Obesity Causes Serious Diseases

by Malc on April 10, 2012

What scientists call "Overweight" ch...

Obesity is responsible for generalized inflammation in the population, a recent study confirms.

Generalized inflammation, also called asymptomatic inflammation (because you can measure it in the blood, but it doesn’t necessarily cause pain or discomfort) is closely correlated in many studies with serious disease. For example, it correlates closely with both cancer and heart disease. In fact, inflammation correlates more closely with heart disease than do LDL cholesterol levels.

As we age, generalized inflammation tends to increase, as measured by the presence of inflammatory markers such as c-reactive protein (CRP) and many other blood factors. This is one factor that makes us more likely to develop degenerative diseases as we age.

But this study showed that a larger waist circumference caused a greater rise in inflammation than a smaller waist size.

Just another reason to get that weight down.

US National Library of Medicine abstract:


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