Orange Juice Gives You Diabetes

by Malc on July 26, 2008

Orange juiice & diabetes I hate to report this, but a solid study has shown that drinking orange juice once a day increase type II diabetes risk.

The reason I hate to report it, is because many people will be as shocked as I was – or even disbelieving – when first hearing that their morning ‘health’ drink could actually be unhealthy.

But it is true.

The Whole Fruit, Nothing But The Fruit

All fruit juices are similar to sugar water. True, the sugar is not glucose; it’s fructose. But it still spikes up blood sugar after drinking it.

The whole fruit contains fibre which slows sugar absorption down. The juice has most or all of the fibre removed so that the passage of sugar into the blood stream is rapid.

The Path To Diabetes (type II)

The 3-step pattern leading to diabetes can then emerge:

1. Sugar in the blood demands insulin, from the pancreas. Insulin influences ‘receptors’ in the cell walls to allow sugar to pass inside.
2. Over time the cell wall receptors become less responsive to repeated insulin insults. The pancreas has to produce more and more for the same result.
3. The overworked pancreas becomes can’t keep up with the demand for insulin. Blood sugar builds up and diabetes is present.

Avoid Diabetes – And Delay Aging

A feature of diabetes is that sufferers get aging diseases much earlier than the rest of us.

This is why diabetics tend to get problems with heart and arteries, kidneys and eyes at a relatively young age. Control of the diabetes is essential; and for most, perfectly possible.

Diabetes control through diet Control Through Diet

Although input from an experienced practitioner is always helpful, one of the main approaches to dealing with Type II diabetes (also called ‘maturity onset’ diabetes) is through a rigorous diet.

This is the same diet as a ‘healthy aging’ diet, but with more care taken to keep blood sugar low.

This means reducing intake of sugar and starches (mainly potatoes, pasta, rice and bread) dramatically such that your blood sugar remains at a low-normal level – not just a moderate level.

Blood sugar can be monitored through regular blood tests.

A practitioner can advise on supplements to be used. Also see:

Finally, here is:

  • diabetic

    thanks for useful recommend for diabetes and very good information πŸ™„

    diabetic’s last blog post..Gestational Diabetes – Symptoms And Treatment

  • Shuggafri @ diabetes foot pain

    Wow! Orange juice daily not good for u? Thanks for the alert. I will incorporate the warning into my blog posts and will cut back myself too. Thanks for the tip
    .-= Shuggafri @ diabetes foot pain´s last blog ..Diabetes And The Foot =-.

  • Malc

    I was surprised about the orange juice. Shocking but true!

  • John

    What a bunch of nonsense. For every study showing OJ is bad for diabetics there is another one showing how all natural juice is more beneficial than any increase in blood sugar in might cause. Big pharma and the ADA will continue to ensure a greater number of people be classified as diabetic regardless of OJ consumption. What do you think is more dangerous…OJ or a drug like Avandia? If the diabetics killed by drugs like Advandia had just drank more OJ, they would probably be alive right now.

  • Malc

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jake.

  • Aaron@diabetes warning signs

    I’ve been taught that OJ suppose to be good for health. Thanks for this info. I will find more info about this. John, I think if you take Avandia more than you suppose to it will be poison not cure 😯 By the way Malc, great topic. I gotta stumble upon this cos this topic should be known to others. One of my awareness movement :mrgreen:
    .-= Aaron@diabetes warning signs´s last blog ..The Warning Signs Of Diabetes =-.

  • Yochana, if orange juice leads to diabetes, in risk of sounding stupid, what else is there to drink besides water? Let’s say you eliminate fruit juices, coffee, soda pops, milk…what is left? 😯

  • Malc

    Hey – I present the facts as I see them – it’s up to you to deal with them! πŸ™‚ It’s a pig I agree. All things in moderation…. but I tend to major on green tea and water.


  • Robert@causes of diabetes

    I think its like everything else, you will be OK as long as you use moderation.

    Anything if drank or eaten too much can make you ill.

    Informative post though, thanks
    .-= Robert@causes of diabetes´s last blog ..Some Causes of Nocturnal Enuresis in Adults =-.

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