Print Technology Will Provide Perfect Burn Repairs

by Malc on February 22, 2011

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has said that a kind of “skin printing” technology is quite close which will  revolutionise treatment of burned skin.

The technology will measure the size of the damaged area of burned skin, and then create a replacement skin patch of the right size using printing techniques.

3D printing has come on tremendously in the last few years, enabling complete structures to be created  using printing processes – with a print head moving rapidly to produce the 3D structure..

The technology is a fairly early stage right now, but cell biologist Vladimir Warren of from the Medical University of South Carolina, said that he expected this printing technology to be used for burns within a few years, and to become “standard practice” within 20 years.

The advantages are a rapid repair for burn victims, and the quick way to stop fluid loss – which is one of the worst side-effects of serious burns.

As well as in hospital burns units, this technology would have a valuable application on the battlefield.

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